Friday, September 21, 2007


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(March 2005) Well, it’s happened. I just noticed that one day this month is so chock full of meetings that the only time I can even pee or eat will be between 1 and 1:30 or between 2:45 and 3! Durn!!

Am practically slackjawed over news from Islamabad that a village council just overturned the convictions of five men who were found guilty of gang-raping a woman back in 2002. The council also commuted the death sentence of the sixth man to life in prison (and found the other eight men the victim accused of raping her innocent back in 2002).

Of course, the prosecution asserted that the council ordered the crime as punishment for the victim’s brother’s alleged love affair in the first place, which is especially ironic given the reality that, in the course of the trial, it came out that the men who had accused him of the affair had actually sexually molested him and were trying to conceal this fact with their current accusations and demands for revenge.

Meanwhile, the latest polls show that only 39 percent of Americans think that this war has been worth the lives lost fighting it. Monday's attack—the single bloodiest one yet with, what, over 120 people killed?—must have dropped that number even lower.

There’s something happening here. And what it is is exactly clear.

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