Monday, September 24, 2007


From the Archives

(March 2005) Our local new age rag, which offers “resources for body, mind, and spirit,” has an ad for a holistic lawyer that reads
We are spiritual beings on a spiritual journey. Legal issues can present some of our journey’s greatest challenges—yet therein, some of life’s greatest opportunities. When viewed as such. profound possibilities emerge.

A holistic attorney can support you in using your legal experience as a catalyst to accelerate your spiritual growth. It is akin to having someone help you surf the wave rather than being tossed about by it: about choosing to be the source, rather than a victim, of your own reality. When your growth opportunities take the form of legal issues, a holistic attorney can be a powerful ally.

Huh. The thing is, if I need a lawyer, I don't want a new-age granola-crunching feel-gooder. I want an asshole. A legal expert asshole.

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