Saturday, September 22, 2007


From the Archives

(March 2005) So the obviously hetero DirectVideo & DVD has placed a full-page ad in On Our Backs that includes a photo of two women who do not even remotely resemble any of the dykes photographed throughout the rest of the rag—in fact, they mostly resemble sorostitutes, a term my pal Opera and I use to refer to the halter-wearing belly-button-showing overly made-up trying-to-look-innocent-for-the-boys’-fantasies young sorority girls who invade a bar near Opera’s house with their cell phones at the stroke of midnight.

The following is a list of titles this company is offering for the discerning straight man er lesbian reader:
Old Woman Love Young Chicks
• My Mothers Best Friend
• Hardcore Lesbians
• Office Lesbians
• Young Lesbians
• Girls in Love
• Lesbians in Leather
• My Lesbian Neighbors
• Girls Locker Room
• Jungle Lezzies
• Wives and their Girlfriends
• Black Girls Eating Pussy
• All Girl Toy Party
• All Girl Massage
• Young Girls Who Love Girls
• Lipstick Lesbians
• Girls in Love2
• Woman Kissing Woman
• Anal Lesbians
• No Men Allowed

Other factoids gleaned from this issue of On Our Backs (which I’m really happy to see again):

• There’s a website for folks who want to purchase medical fetish materials: enemas, strait jackets, mummification, sound sets, uniforms and outfits, nurse gallery ... and they have a new color catalog you can buy for just $7.

(What, exactly, is mummification? I mean, I have an idea but discovered when I nearly crawled out of an MRI in a panic attack that I ain’t letting anyone put me in any enclosure voluntarily. That one’s not for me.)

• Greenery Press, who published The Ethical Slut—love that title—now offers Radical Ecstasy, which explores “the state of ecstasy and BDSM as transcendence. Through their discussion of Tantric practices, breathing, spirituality, and their own intimate experiences ... [the authors] invite readers to think about ecstasy as a true state of being and living, while at the same time, sharing how BDSM practitioners are using various extremes to better reach ‘sacred sex.’ ”

• Fireside has published Jen Sincero’s Straight Girl’s Guide to Sleeping with Chicks, which includes a section on “how to give it to a chick” with illustrations of various sexual poses done with Barbie dolls. Whee!

• Midori, a OOB columnist who offers “non-scientific conclusions gained from my most recent slutting around,” travels the globe in an attempt to correct the assumption that lesbo sex only ever happens in San Francisco and New York. She writes that London’s organized lezzie sex scene is “Dead. Kaput. Sterile. You’ll see more tits at the National Gallery. ... I have no idea where the rough-n-ready sexed-up dykes were.” Note to self for future travel plans.

And, finally, here’s another reason to like the Pacific NW (as if I needed another reason!):
• If you thought they only had scary mullets and old flannel, you’re stuck in the eighties, grrl! Wake up and smell that strong Seattle java. Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver form the Wild West Pussy Trail.” Seattle, she reports, boasts The Wet Spot “a sex-positive community center run under the best set of rules I’ve come across since Amsterdam. They treat you like an adult able to make your own decision on who to be and how to fuck.

The Wild West Pussy Trail. That’s a good place to end this entry.

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