Tuesday, September 25, 2007


by Ferron

So many people are so broken and this story's broken too
We go looking for forgiveness for things we did or didn't do
In our hearts we know we're goodness,
In our souls we feel the call
To be someone to somebody, each other, one and all.
I have wept upon the mountain, I have walked upon my knees
I have crawled along the rubble of broken promises and unmet needs
And the thing that I was looking for, and the thing I could not see
Was the image of a perfect girl ... the one I'd never be,
Oh my father, how I've missed you, having never touched your face
And just like you I feel a sorrow that time cannot erase
When I cross over will you meet me, will you walk me to the bright,
Will you lead me on the dance floor of that everlasting light
In the meantime, here on earth time, I am something of a song
But I once drank your whole abandon, wanting only to belong
Now I walk beside the broken, glass of water in my hand
And in the prism of their reflection I see the once invisible man.
You are with me as I love her, you are in me as I care
You have shown me not to hold back,
Knowing what is gone's .. not there.
You have helped me to be tender, you have helped me to be true
I went empty up the mountain and brought back a piece of you.

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