Saturday, September 22, 2007


From the Archives

(March 22, 2005) So maybefolks already knows this, but April 1st is the second national I Love My Country and I’m Still Embarrassed by My President Day and Democracy Means You is calling on progressive people to wear brown.

Here's their spiel:
Are you still embarrassed by the arrogance, greed, shortsightedness, fraud, and outright lies told by the administration of GWB? Join tens of thousands of others across the country by wearing a brown ribbon, brown clothes, brown armbands, official buttons, or anything brown to protest all the BS coming out of the White house—and to remind everyone of the brownshirt antidemocratic tactics of the Busholinis and their followers.

In honor of all the brown material flowing so freely from the White House and stinking up the nation ... because we know who’s the real April Fool!

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