Friday, September 21, 2007


From the Archives

(March 2005) A pop-up book about bras? Damn, why didn’t I think of that????

Just came across descriptions of these three upcoming titles. Check it out:

Science: Chair of the philosophy department at SUNY Stonybrook Robert Crease's TEN GREAT EQUATIONS THAT SHAPE THE WORLD, looking at the most important equations in science, what makes them so influential both scientifically and culturally, and why we are simultaneously fascinated by them and afraid of them, to Maria Guarnaschelli at Norton, in a very nice deal for $50,000, by John Michel at the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency.

Founder and publisher of Tikkun magazine Rabbi Michael Lerner's THE LEFT HAND OF GOD, an examination of the ways in which the Democratic Party has disregarded religion and subsequently lost touch with America's ongoing values crisis, with a critique of the current state of faith in politics and a plan for a religiously-grounded progressive agenda, to Gideon Weil at Harper San Francisco, in a pre-empt, by Candice Fuhrman at the Candice Fuhrman Literary Agency.

Cheree Berry's HOORAH FOR THE BRA, a whimsical pop- up book that offers a history of the brassiere, to Jennifer Levesque at Stewart, Tabori & Chang, by Andrew Stuart at The Stuart Agency (world).

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