Monday, September 24, 2007


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Graphic: yellow ribbon with a red “X” over it. Text: Tie a Yellow Ribbon around Damn Your Neck

I had a stash of “A Lesbian Was Here” stickers that I used to paste on unoccupied cars whenever I saw an obnoxious conservative or homophobic bumpersticker on them. I still have a few in my desk and think maybe it’s time to pull them out again.

In yesterday’s NYT, columnist Maureen Dowd talked about our politicians "turn[ing] the nation into a wholly owned subsidiary of the church” and made the interesting point that
as the Bush White House desperately maneuvers in Iraq to prevent the new government from being run according to the dictates of religious fundamentalists, it desperately maneuvers here to pander to religious fundamentalists who want to dictate how the government should be run.

A reader also commented on the ridiculous cardiologist/speaker Frist—whose hand I’ve (sadly) shaken, since he and his daddy swallowed a hospital where I worked ions ago. Can you believe he actually purported to diagnose Terry Schiavo by video? Who knew he became a neurologist in his time off? Must have taken a course by mail, er, video in all his extra time.

Here’s what the reader said:
Americans ought to send Bill Frist their requests: "Dear Dr. Frist: Please watch the enclosed video and tell us if that mole on my mother's cheek is cancer. Does she need surgery?' "


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