Sunday, January 13, 2008


From the Archives

(May 2006) Just read Susie Bright’s description of being included on an infuriating Pushing The Envelope writers panel at the recent LA Festival of Books.

What fool would put Susie and Karen Finley and Dennis Cooper—legitimate visionaries who do push the envelope and encourage us to think and fuck and gasp and experience the world in new and profound ways—on the same panel with the milquetoast let-me-flaunt-my-riches-and-good-looks-as-my-bona-fides-’cause-there-ain’t-nothing-else-of-substance-here lame late-late-night TV host Craig Ferguson (a man who actually sums up sex as an act between “one man and one woman” in between berating feminists)?

The intent was obvious—showcase a privileged white man performing The Man Show and watch a bunch of progressive writers react (in the interest of creating a buzz at the festival, no doubt), but the organizer somehow failed to inform the writers that they were being set up for a public smackdown.
“Complacent, over-monied right-wing jabberers. They’re just as ubiquitous and just as annoyingly useless as the wanna-be Maoists back in the mid 1970s who did their level best to remind us that personal fulfillment and artistic expression were politically incorrect and counter-revolutionary. Popular politics invariably spawns a host of trend-riders just as surely as a damp basement spawns mildew.
—an apt comment someone left on Susie’s blog

Meanwhile, Kate Clinton said (at her show last night) that she woke up dreaming that Suzie Ormans was going down on her.

She also described our boy emperor as someone who gives new meaning to the term “unattended luggage.”

Apt, eh?

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