Monday, January 7, 2008


From the Archives

(April 2006) I wonder about so many things—why John Singer Sargent, the famous Edwardian portrait painter whose erotic portrait of Madame X caused such a scandal, abandoned portraiture in 1910 in favor of murals and landscapes.

I wonder why I inevitably forget to water the orchids that (sort of) live in my office window but have no trouble remembering to water the orchids that live in my dining room.

I wonder why posting (artful) nudes to Flickr inevitably results in guys sending me links to photos of their hard-ons

(which has me toying with the idea of returning the favor by posting a “friends”-only page of pictures of my hard-ons: the black one, the green one, the red one, the two-headed one—you get the point— with the subject line KEEPS ON TICKING—that I can send just to them).

(Right back at’cha, guy.)

And now I have to go to a 1-1/2 hour meeting. Bleah.

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