Friday, January 4, 2008


From the Archives

(March 2006) Don’t you wonder how a coyote wound up in Central Park?

It seems likely that someone released it there. But then again maybe it wandered down from that Connecticut camp where my ex Mud and her new game-playing boytoy got eaten alive while participating in one of those dumb live-action role-playing weekends.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s what happened.

The coyote scanned the surviving LARPers, decided that there were just too many insouciant Yalies who can play-act but have no clue how to interact in their herd, then wandered off to the mean streets of the city in search of real people and some Adobo-infused dinner.

The Times calls the coyote’s appearance “as unexpected as seeing Woody Allen on the arctic tundra,” and that about sums it up.

About as unlikely as seeing that poor whale swimming up the Thames too.

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