Monday, January 7, 2008


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(May 2006) Irregular girl has a Flickr photo of a graffitied wall that reads “pay your own way.” I’m trying to parse this sentiment with our country’s resistance to illegal immigrants, who point out regularly that businesses survive on the sweat of their minimum-wage labor.

I’m in Brooklyn right now but we’re headed to PS1 to see Jessica Stockholder’s gallery show soon. We’ll head over to Dietch Project’s Garden Party next, where we hope to see a mound of earth with beautiful nude women draped on it. Then we’ll head over to Union Square for the big immigration rally.

The East Village is weird to Lars because the Second Avenue Deli, an institution, closed since she left and there’s just a big sad empty building where it used to be.

Meanwhile, yesterday was too beautiful to be indoors so we spent the day walking all over the city.

Met up with pals for lunch, then went to check on Shulie’s cat (because Shulie quit taking her meds again and was consequently committed). It took thirty minutes, but we finally coaxed the kitty out from behind some paintings.

Actually, Lars and I may stay at Shuli’s after we see Guardian, since I’ll need to hop the bus from Grand Central Station to LaGuardia early the next day and, well, the cat needs some attention.

I got up early this morning and went up on the roof to stare at the water. The statue of liberty was there with her white arm raised and, beyond that, New Jersey sat in a smoggy gray haze.

Instead of enjoying the view though, I was thinking about how wonderful it would be to wake up in Seattle and have coffee on my deck while staring across the water at snow-capped mountains.

If Lars stays on the west coast, then there’s a good chance that I will wind up there eventually.

Met Tuscaloosa for an impromptu dinner before leaving town. She was awarded a two-week stay at a writing retreat and wants me to apply for the same time period, since we get tons of work done when we retreat together (and eat very well to boot).

Meanwhile, anyone keeping up with the King and King controversy—not to be confused with the Rodney King controversy, in which actual people were harmed—knows all about the uproar in Massachusetts over a teacher reading this tale of a crown prince who rejected one beautiful princess after another before falling in love with a handsome prince.

He and the prince marry, seal their commitment with a kiss, then live happily ever after just as het fairy-tale lovers do, and all was right in the world until a meddlesome “parents’ rights” group threatened to sue the school for portraying queers in a positive light!

Meanwhile California fundie doctors are claiming that their religious beliefs give them the right to treat lesbians differently than other patients and are refusing to provide fertility treatments to us.

It shocks me that this case was thrown out of lower court three years ago.

They’re job is to treat patients, not make moral or religious judgments about us.

Meanwhile, University of Cumberland in Kentucky expelled a twenty-year-old boy for identifying himself as gay on his personal webpage.

It’s happening right here folks.

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