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(April 2006) This news just in from the NC mountains:
(Waynesville NC) At least six men traveled from across the nation and South America to have their genitals mutilated and be trained as sex slaves at a rural house south of Hazelwood, about 30 miles west of Asheville.

Sheriff Tom Alexander and DA Micheel Bonfoey arrested three men on felony charges of castration without malice, maiming without malice, and practicing medicine without a license. The sheriff and prosecutor said the victims were all willing participants.

The men—two, ages 60 and 61, who identified as a couple and a third, 49, who identifed as as “slave”—were given court-appointed lawyers. They are in the general population at the county’s Detention Center.

The victims met the men through a locally produced Website that published photographs of men engaging in sadomasochistic behavior. Yahoo! shut down the site in December 2004. The castrations took place last year beginning in March and continued through November, according to police documents.

One of the men—Master Rick—had logged onto the Internet only the day before his arrest looking to add to his “stable of slaves,” according to press reports. His advertisement ran on and two other similar Web sites.

“This is NOT a game with Me. I live this lifestyle, have currently 1 live in 24/7 slave, whom I Own,” he wrote in an ad. “Looking to train other slaves and to add to My stable of slaves also. Am always open to giving experiences and expanding limits, but only with Male slaves and subs (submissives).”

During a search of the home, investigators found DVD recordings of the castrations.

DA Bonfoey said a case of castration without malice is extremely rare. Consenting to castration, he said, is not a defense under NC law.

He said the castration law was likely written to protect sex offenders against vigilantes.

I can venture a guess at what Audre Lorde would have to say about this if she were alive today.

(And I wonder if Master Rick is aware that castration is a Class 3 felony in this state?)

And now a story that stopped this grrl who paid her own way through undergrad/grad school (with the help of massive student loans) in my tracks:

The New York Times ran an article about fashion at Columbia U (“where privilege and experience meet”) today that reminded me of the near-constant cognitive dissonance that I experienced as a working student trying to eke out enough of a living to buy the next textbook or packet of Ramen.

At Columbia, one student whose sense of fashion is showcased in the Times describes herself as not trying too hard. What’s that look like? Well, she wears vintage boots and a Valentino scarf and carries a Ferragamo bag that she picked up in Paris.

(Did I mention that the African American stripper who was allegedly raped by prep-schooled Dukies was stripping to pay her tuition? Or that GWB wants to pare back the federal student loan program?)

Another Columbia student wears a John Varvatos jacket that his fashion consultant/personal shopper chose for him at Bloomingdale’s.

Oh oh oh. Your worries ain’t like mine, sugarcakes . . .

Meanwhile, I am making plans to see Guardian, a play starring the actor who plays Shane on The L Word, when I’m in NYC in a few weeks. She’s playing Lyndie England and a ACLU lawyer attempting to defend Gitmo prisoners will speak afterwards.

This ought to be interesting.

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