Thursday, August 21, 2008


From the Archives (20 September 2007) So. Another so-called family values Republican official has been busted for sexual abuse—only, this time, there's no homosexual element.

Perhaps this explains why the mainstream media has barely covered the story. Or maybe it's because the pedophile is a US attorney in a Republican state where the story stands a decent chance of being conveniently hushed up for the good of the party.


Just as the repugs are now attempting to silence the Gonzales debacle—Please! Let the good man get back to his work protecting the chillllllll'ren, people! Stories such as this are silenced too often unless we make enough of a fuss to ensure the attention they deserve.

Or who knows? Maybe a grown man showing up with a Dora the Explorer doll and a jar of Vaseline to f*ck a five-year-old just doesn't scream "scandal" to Faux News the way a gay man's attraction to a DC page who at least has hair around his genitals does.

What's especially disgusting to me is that Atchison told the deputy who was posing as the girl's mother not to worry because he'd go nice and slow with her.

Meanwhile, The Portly Dyke has posted a picture of the youth cheerleading squad that this pedophile assists, which makes me worry how he has been "assisting" them . I guess the answer to that question will either be hushed up too or made apparent soon enough though.

* * *

And now, on a completely different note, my cute little brother has embarked on a cross-country bike ride to raise money for the families of the nine Charleston SC firefighters who died this year fighting a furniture warehouse fire.

Check out his blog to see gorgeous pictures of his journey.

He left Georgia on 9/6 to drive out to Palm Springs (where he will embark on his journey) and plans to roll into Charleston in early October.

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