Thursday, August 21, 2008


From the Archives (15 May 2007) Well what a SHAME and boo hoo hoo.

Jerry Falwell—legendary homophobe and enemy of Tinky Winky and opportunist who actually blamed LGBT people and liberals for the 9/11 terrorist attacks—has finally kicked the proverbial bucket.

How can one adequately mourn a man who warns evangelicals that the mythological antichrist is a male Jew living among them?

Hmm. I wonder if Ralph Reed will be at the funeral in all his shame...

...and how quickly Pat Robertson will go on air to blame Jerry's death on the lesbians....

At any rate, the sun has come out today and one less bigot dwells on this earth, brothers and sisters, so let me hear an amen!

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Michelle's Spell said...

Hi there,

Just found your blog and LOVE it! Jerry F. -- what a nightmare! I was glad that Tammy Faye outlived him to see her worst enemy kick it before she did, even if she did have a rough time of it soon after. Here's to someone with love for everyone.