Tuesday, November 6, 2007


From the Archives

(November 2005) Here’s what I now know, thanks to the Oprah magazine that was in my doc’s waiting room: you can go to dresszing.com to learn all about a fashion coach (!) who is devoted to helping women and men develop their personal style.

Now I ask you, what sort of person has to BUY her own personal style?

A psychoanalyst in the same magazine said that the task of adulthood is to remember and resuffer what we couldn’t really suffer as children because it was too painful then. So maybe hiring a fashion coach is how some people resuffer the pains of their youth?

(Wearing those bold-striped soccer shirts once was not enough so, a-ha, you must now live in argyle and Izod hell forevermore!)

Today I am wearing a moss-colored linen blouse, dark green linen slacks, a brown suede jacket, polka-dotted green socks, and brown Joseph Siebel shoes. What would my fashion coach say about that?

(And why should I care?)

Somehow I think it'd be exactly what my basketball coaches always said: run 5 more suicides, Medea.

Finally, some copywriter who is clearly not paid enough money wrote the following ad copy for an article about women married to men who use viagra:
Read about women who run with the pharmaceutically enhanced wolves.

Okay, so I am off to the Low Country now for some much-needed R and R and writing and fresh seafood. Won’t be online for at least a week, but will be oh so happy when I return, so ciao for now.

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