Wednesday, October 31, 2007


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(September 2005) My family is an old Mississippi family. I had antiques, 150 years old or more. They’re all gone. We have just basically a slab, Anne Anderson of Gulfport told NBC. Behind us we have a beautiful sunrise and sunset, and that is going to be what I’m going to miss the most, sitting on the porch watching those.

Rebuild. With a porch, Anne. Rebuild!

My house is flooded, said Rhonda Green, 44, who had reached the highway safe, but damp. I’m talking about deep-freezer-floating-in-the-water flooded.”

Spoken like a true southerner!

These little tidbits are reaching us, but where’s the rest of the news? This is fucking eerie.

Meanwhile, here's a choice piece off the web:
Letter to Pres. Bush:

What? You want me to donate?

Gee, I dunno. Sending money to the Red Cross to help a red state is a real problem for me. Would the "Christians" down there take money from a card-carrying Liberal from hoity-toity Connecticut? What if they knew I were Gay; would they take my money then? Anyway, I thought I heard some preacher somewhere saying that Hurricane Katrina was God's wrathful punishment against the Bible Belt for turning away from evolution, for their homophobia, for their anti-environmentalism, for opposing universal health-care, for supporting the Invasion of Iraq, for interpreting the Bible literally, for a history of racism, and, especially, for the Catholic diocese down there in New Orleans throwing another Christian church (UFMCC) out of a building they own because of theological disagreements. Maybe it was Jerry Falwell or "ole squint-eye" Pat Robertson. Didn't Falwell blame 9/11 on us? And didn't Robertson agree with him? Will they take my money now? I really need to know.

Since Bush, Cheney, et. al. are making billions from gasoline prices and war profiteering, I'd like to know how much they are contributing first, before I donate. Is anybody asking these questions? Is anybody asking the president of "Personal Responsibility" why he insists that the globe is not warming even though the gulf waters are hotter than ever and are directly linked to Katrina's force? How much are these fat cats donating?

Hey, what about the tax cuts for the rich? Shouldn't the rich be the ones to kick in? I haven't heard about a covey of rich white folks getting it together, giving up their tax cuts, to provide millions in aid to Hurricane Katrina victims. Maybe they're all down in the superdome with Falwell, Dobson and Robertson - hot, smelly, filthy, crowded superdome - handing out food to the poor??? Guess not. Say, why can't the Corporations that have bought what used to be a Democracy for and by the people globalize the relief effort? Are the holders of outsourced jobs donating?

Maybe after Bush privatizes my Social Security I'll feel more disposed to act like a good Christian and send money. Oh, if I'm not by chance a Christian at all, would my money be accepted? It's a real quandary.

Frank Chisholm
East Lyme, CT 06333

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