Monday, October 29, 2007


From the Archives

(August 2005) LaylaGoddess's blog gave me the idea to type “[your name] is” on Google and see what it produces.

So, in no particular order, Medea is found at the bottom of a staircase. Medea is an electronic valve-assisted trumpet and stand. Medea is the type of woman who fakes orgasms. Medea is writing her name. Medea is the embodiment of the Essence woman. Medea is wearing a slip. Medea is an angel who’s job it is to hunt various beings of evil. Medea is the attractive but hard-bitten wife of ageing Mafioso Saro. Medea is in Ray’s house drinking beer. Medea is on her way to Seattle and has a 30-minute layover in an unfamiliar airport. Medea is reading Little House on the Prairie. Medea is a place you can visit with the family. Medea is a dude. Medea is comfortable with her intersex status. Medea is well aware that she is a man magnet and uses this knowledge to her advantage. Medea is the kind of movie that certain people don’t want to see. Medea is the delivery girl who transports the goods across the city. Medea is currently writing a chapter on hunting. Medea is a catalyst. Medea is one dame you don’t want to mess with. Medea is lying in bed like a sack of nothing. Medea is attempting to discover and assert herself. Medea is a prime example of the huge impact technology can make on one’s career. Medea is all about comfort. Medea is a relative new-comer to reincarnation studies, and she does not have a philosophical axe to grind. Medea is the girl with the pretty red bow in her hair. Medea is a predictable combination of street tough and waif. Medea is living with her own sordid past. Medea is a tad piqued. Medea is not amused. Medea is getting grouchy. Medea is shaken, but she grabs her laptop and heads to Mexico. Medea is, for all intents and purposes, a ghost in the machine. Medea is carrying a white bottle representing the purity of freedom. Medea is above all a mystic. Medea is waterbombed from above. Medea is now awake. Medea is a little-bit-older Lolita, a calculating MTV-era honeybunch. Medea is full of love and has nobody to give it to. Medea is posting new pix for which she grew her bush. Medea is a fucking monster. Medea is subject to discipline. Medea is the coolest bitch with a knife ever! Medea is a part of everyone. Medea is everything.

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