Thursday, October 4, 2007


From the Archives

(June 2005) Refusal wrote this in his blog today:
Everyone likes a bit of chicken breast. And vultures will stick their heads into almost anything, no matter how dirty it is. They'll even go in up through a dead horse's rectum to eat all its insides out, and that's why they're bald. I'm bald due to an excess of testosterone, but if you've got somewhere nice you'd like me to put my head, I'll surely consider it.

Ha. I like his irreverence.

I want to read this award-winning memoir—Name All the Animals by Alison Smith (Scribner)—and this award-winning biography—Warrior Poet: A Biography of Audre Lorde by Alexis De Veaux (Norton). And am happy to see that the hilarious David Sedaris won a lammy too.

In other news, I find it damn ironic and more than a little frightening that Jerry Falwell not only has a legal wing to his so-called ministry but that he calls it the Liberty Counsel.

Found this out in the The Washington Blade , but this rag rarely reaches the mainstream. For example, raise your hand if you know about the diversity training video put together by the San Francisco 49ers' PR director.

This little jewel features off-color humor and a topless lesbo wedding taped in a strip club with the PR director (impersonating San Francisco mayor Newsom) officiating, and racial jokes and nudity are sprinkled throughout.

Meanwhile, out in the really world, these "harmless" little jokes encourage real brutality. And let’s don’t forget that our taboo "life style" that so fascinates the straight guys results in real women being placed under house arrest in Allahabad just a few miles away from the lesbian couple that attempted suicide after their parents forced them to marry men.

So many of us here have so many more options than we even realize, yet we paint ourselves in corners and believe ourselves helpless/out of options. Or we let others limit our freedom with alarming regularity.

What’s that Ferron line: Before you get to plea for freedom, you’ve agreed to being ruled.

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