Friday, April 18, 2008


From the Archives (16 November 2006) Dear Random Matter and Antimatter Swirling All around Me, Convincing Some People to Believe That You are a Divine Creator Instead of, at Most, Alterable Energy,

I have this car, see? A shiny one. Cute. With groovy dashboard lights in neon colors.

It's cute. And fun to drive. Zippy.

Only there are long periods of time when I don't drive it. Ever. Because the car is a lemon. Really. A bright yellow gawdawful glowing lemon. Faulty electrical systems? I got one. Some say all VWs have them. And this one certainly does.

It breaks down. Often. And leaves me stranded. And poor. And it leaks. Gas most recently. A potential kaboom. Expensive new gas lines. Nearly 1K.

The last straw. Now car for sale. Still zippy. And cute.

Buy it. Please. It’s parked. Waiting.

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