Saturday, December 15, 2007


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(March 2006) Consider for a moment the irony of the fact that Yahoo!’s lead headline today is The Trumps choose a name for their baby boy!

But only one major US paper has reported the news that Iranian security forces brutally attacked a group of women observing International Women’s Day.

These feminists organized under a platform of peace to support basic human rights, yet were ambushed by truckloads of state-authorized thugs who dumped garbage on them, kicked them and beat them with batons.

Victims include the famous (and elderly and nearly blind) poet Simin Behbehani, who says that the purpose of her poetry is to fight injustice.

Meanwhile, Iraq’s Grand Ayatollah Ali as-Sistani issued a death fatwa against queers and is calling for us to be killed in the “worst, most severe way.”

This fatwa makes Medea want to grab her handy-dandy Sears and Roebuck vise grips and wrench the grand(iose) ayatollah’s scrotum about in the worst, most severe way.

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